#75 Years of Innovation

Constant innovation and expansion of service portfolio – 2018 to today

For 75 years Lödige Industries has continued to innovate to help its customers move heavy goods, be it air freight, cars, goods, trucks or even entire aircraft. Lödige has created a global network of service solutions supported by competent local service teams around the world and its state-of-the-art Customer Care Centre (CCC) based in Paderborn, Germany. The CCC remotely monitors and facilitates air cargo terminals and parking systems in Europe, Asia and North America. As of December 2022 it monitors more than 3000 parking spaces in automated parking systems and facilitates the handling of more than 2.8 million tons of air cargo freight.

In 2018 Lödige Industries delivered a second automated parking system in Denmark, located in the iconic BLOX building designed by OMA architects. In 2019 Lödige Industries returned to Heathrow Airport, delivering the dnata City East cargo terminal. Since 2020, Lödige acquired Mecfab, a service provider for airport logistics solutions in Australia and significantly expanded it service network in Europe, most recently with the aquisition of Northern Elevator in the UK and new service offices in Switzerland and the Netherlands. In 2021 Lödige Industries delivered an automated storage facility for SPIMACO`s largest pharmaceutical plant in Saudi Arabia.

Since then Lödige Industries has delivered Germany`s largest automated parking system, located in the MIZAL - VISIONS ON CAMPUS building in Dusseldorf, Germany and installed air cargo terminals for China Eastern Air in Chengdu, China, Swissport in Frankfurt, Germany, and is returning to both Amsterdam and New York with new terminals under construction.